w45 - Resource compound

My head was buffing for the whole week. Keeping track of everything isn't an easy task, especially they are all mingled with different levels of priority, deadline, difficulty. However challenges are always welcomed.

One thing I noticed that since I'm working on physical deliverables, planing ahead is super important. It's not like drawing something on screen that you will be confident to say that it will definitely work. A tiny effect in the world of programming could eat up an entire evening to achieve.

Besides it was truly a challenge for me to actually move into the world of real digital coding, something that your tutor at school told you if couldn't make then just fake. But now I cannot compromise anymore and I love to make things working for real. And I learned so much from the pressure to deliver something fully functioned for clients.

The fantastic part is I'm working with an amazing team here. I'm figuring out something but I'm not completely on my own. They trust me and give me time and freedom to explore. I know it's strange to say that I wish the project never ends, but I enjoyed a lot working both on the project and with the team. I'm so spoiled by them.


node.js for beginners

node.js tutorial

Introducing web sockets

web socekts & node

arduino and web sockets(loveit!)

Temboo(amazing ready-to-use web services)


A great example for sparkcore

And debouncing examples(multi debouncing)

Things to explore:

Communication with Spark cloud

HTML5 prototyping IDE 

Quartz | Origami


Reading list:

RCA DI reading list

HCDE reading list

Design noir

Lab Meetup

I'm arranging our first lab meetup next week hoooooray! Taking care of the newbies isn't easy and I have to prepare myself not to be shot down by their questions. It will be a project-based exploration of basic electronics and programming. My friendly suggestion is to make a Christmas present :)

And I'm thinking of a sound design sharing as well, depending on how much time I have though.

Science museum

The decision was made based on the fact that I was so in the loop of programming and electronics. So today in the morning I thought, alright let's just make it more extreme then.

I absolutely love the volume of displays there. And I appreciate the beauty of interactive installations that visualise things we cannot see. If time permitted, I might come back for the simulators as the must experience stuff.

I have so much to show but let's just keep it brief here.

Nothing better than an authentic Japanese meal in a cold raining exhausted evening