W25 - Finally, taking a break

I'm writing the post from my host's place in Berlin Mitte. Yes I'm telling all of you that I'm back in this city, and it's nice to be back, especially in summer. So far the city treated me so well that even I'm travelling alone, there's still huge amount of stuff to do everyday. I'm crazily falling in love with the Vietnam restaurant here because the seasoning is so good. Open air cinemas have terrific movie taste. And I've been to, literally, the first solo show for an entire year, and it was so thrillingly good to be in a venue, enjoying live music again.
Being lost in a huge wine store in a shopping mall / Spending time to find something in a record store / Going to a fan park to watch the first World Cup match of the year / Watching <Wings of Desire> in Berlin and running into the monument shown in the movie and etc. Many many thanks to these tiny little bits of joy and I'm sure I will be back. The adventure is never going to an end.

Love the balcony of the flat. Damn you Sweden I can now enjoy the real summer.

I'm living in the most beautiful streets in Mitte. Summer here is STUNNING. 

I AM SERIOUSLY NOT A FANGIRL. But Kip is such a nice person.

I'm shrinking. Special thanks to ablebody's instagram who led me to find this cool shit.

The past few weeks were dramatic and I cannot really retell the roller coaster rides I had every day. I was freaking out, fixing my portfolio day by day and it seemed would never end. And then came my biggest step of the year, going to London to start my first internship. I received the offer when I was in transfer in Stockholm and I was nearly crying in the airport, at the same time calling my family and friends, writing emails.  I felt lucky that finally we found each other and I promise I will practice prototyping my ass off during summer in Shanghai. I will try my best to develop both as a professional and a person. I will keep being myself and defining myself. I will freak out again but I will learn from it and become more confident. Just can't wait to see how myself grow and transform again within the coming year.