W26 - It's not a goodbye / See you soon, Berlin!

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It’s almost impossible to share my extreme passion about the city with tourists and travellers. Berlin is not touristy, not elegant, not capital-like. It has a tough history though, but I’m not gonna talk about it. 
You could say that, because I come from a city without history, because we have similar art-deco like buildings, winding paths as well as landmark boulevards, I somehow resonates with it, as home. Besides, the dine-out culture here is very much Asian. You will encounter countless Vietnamese and Japanese restaurants just by turning into another street. And IMAX screens and Starbucks everywhere.
I approve it, but just as part of the story.

My story began with the pain-in-the-ass packing in Umea. I finished my last trip to the storage in the morning, cleaned my place and returned the key with two luggages with me. It took me 40 minutes to rest, to regain the energy to check Facebook again at the airport. I was extremely tired and zombie.
Then came the first build-on of the trip - receiving an email offer from the company that I was chasing after. I was busy skyping my family, emailing and calling friends to spread the news throughout the world at Stockholm Arlanda, and decided to arrange an easy non-working week in Berlin.

I was a bit optimistic about my memory of the city transport though. It wasn’t a surprise that I mingled the ending of strass and tor, considering the fact that I was in a close-to-pass-out condition. The place I was going to stay was in a backyard, with several entrances. I literally checked every one, climbing up and down with a luggage. And the right answer, was just as what you guess, the first one that I chose. Sometimes I have to trust my gut feeling.

So you could imagine how dreadful I was when I called my host and heard his voice right above the staircase. And this is the end of all the delicate and objective descriptions of what happened to me. The most impressive part, instead, is to see how these things establish and grow with me, be it a place or a person. What we tend to remember about an experience is of course, not fragments of details, but more a general one. And that’s why I’m not able to retell the story just by telling it. And I’m not able to persuade you to fall in love with the city just as I did. It’s my own and subjective. It’s attached to me and will develop as I do. The idea is to distinguish facts and stories, for facts are descriptive but stories are not.

Kilian was my host. He explained that his family named him after their obsession with wine, for Kilian was the patron who delivered Christianity during medieval time. And of course alcohol, I guess. But I wasn’t impressed by then since a zombie only cared for sleep. I still recall the moment when the gentle breeze softly kissed my skin though. It was early in the evening. The last sunlight was still distinguishable in a slightly bright purple. The tree in front danced and shimmered its leaves in harmony with the ambience. It was fantastic to be back. And I knew it would be.

As the conversation went, I found it wasn’t easy for me to explain what I do, especially without any common background. To establish the context is never easy. I’d never thought before to tell my story to a non-designer. I regard myself as a juicy person at least, but how to squeeze the juice out for others is always the problem. I love my efficient and economical demonstration in terms of words count, and a witty person never explains. He strikes and hits fiercely and accurately at once. But as a storyteller, you have to somehow, be able to tell your story in a way that resembles the experience of a roller coaster ride, with both build-on and collapse-down. I’m sure I will be offered lots of opportunity when I’m back home and the only way to get my story down is, practice, practice and yet even more practice. I will prepare before as my personal reflection for this year. It’s not for selling myself but it would be definitely inspiring for others to hear my story just as when I hear theirs. I love to see people melting because of my story.