Jiaojiao - Digital Product Design Portfolio


emerging autonomous ScENARIO

We foresee the merge of self-employed truck drivers in 2030. The speculation roots from primary research with truckers who consider freedom as a crucial aspect of the occupation. With the support of automation technologies, infrastructure evolution and data analytics, truck drivers will be able to deal with freight transport tasks even on the road.

level of automation

We imagine there will be LV3 autonomous system available in truck in 2030. The scenario in the video prototype is tailored to showcase two modes in autonomous driving: driving mode(manual), logistic mode(autonomous) and the transition in between. In driving mode, the trucker pays attention to driving while being able to receive updates of freight task states and automation availability. In logistic mode, she can fully pay attention to managing the delivery schedule.

a multi-modality HMI

The final design proposes a heads-up display (HUD) for task scheduling, with the support of auditory feedback to raise awareness and reinforce the visuals, and a tactile dashboard for secondary task scheduling information and other meta data of the task. A physical knob is introduced to interact with the HUD. 

| Professional HMI in 6 weeks @ Umeå Institute of Design

With: Júlia and Regi
Industry: autonomous driving, automotive HMI, big data

Expertise: user research, user scenario, UX/UI, sound design