Jiaojiao - Digital Product Design Portfolio


dilemma of privacy

When personal data collection already challenges privacy, connected home reinforces the concern by invading in our most private and trustworthy physical space. The project speculates a future where privacy concern is turned into a new design opportunity: a universal slider that gives users the power to control the quantity and quality of data transmitted from connected objects to the connected home platform.

making sense of data

The project explores three types of data: numeric data from a weight scale, image data from a monitoring video stream and profile data from the user. Three scenarios are illustrated accordingly to show how data could be translated in a bigger social context: for online dating profile, for family communication and for a general personal identity. The sense-making of data can be altered from user's own interest depending on how much she wants to reveal about herself.

interaction beyond screens

The constraint of a faceless interaction project pushes the final design to engage other sensory experiences such as physical affordance, light feedback and VUI. It is especially relevant when everyday objects will have a certain level of processing power but look just as normal and dumb. The constraint also encourages an alternative aesthetic, storytelling and expression to engage the audience and showcase the concept in the final movie.

| Speculative design in 10 weeks @ Umeå Institute of Design

Industry: smart home, IoT
Expertise: speculative design, user scenario, UX, movie production