Jiaojiao - Digital Product Design Portfolio


challenge from digitization

The digital age is all about participation, but rarely does it happen in public institutions such as art museums. The intent of the project is to explore if new services and technology would democratize the structure of a public institution: if the voice from the audience would obtain attention in the institution from bottom-up and if this participation could be useful and relevant for the institution in return.

a stage for amateurs

The final result <Open Studio> is a service that enables visitors in art museums to participate in amateur exhibitions with their handicrafts made in the museum workshop. Using 3D scanning technology, physical handicrafts are transformed to a interactive exhibition in the museum. The service suggests a desirable future direction for art museums to engage their audience, increases their enjoyment and encourages their creative expression.

a holistic approach

The project addresses my personal interest in complex system design that plays with both digital and physical design materials. The collaboration with Bildmuseet offers invaluable learnings throughout the entire project and concrete groundings for the proposed solution. I enjoy the freedom to be a designer without discipline and provoking concepts that are not traditionally considered as design challenge.

| Master thesis in 18 weeks @ Umeå Institute of Design
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Industry: civic innovation, art and education
Expertise: service design, UX/UI
, electronics, project management